13 Times Mariah Carey Attempted To Bring About World Peace

All hail the single greatest human to ever exist.

1. When she graciously handed over an exorbitant amount cash.

MariahCareyVEVO / theplumpinay.com / Via youtube.com

2. When she dropped this deep quote.

Mariah is the new Oracle of Delphi.

3. When she threw a fistful a glitter on this American Idol contestant.

Fox / Via sheknows.com

Look at the joy on the contestants face!

4. When she told people not to give up on their dreams.

5. When she shed a tear just thinking about all she’s done for humanity.

6. When she found a unicorn and brought it back to earth.

MariahCareyVEVO / hollyscoop.com / Via youtube.com

7. When she worked with Satan.

All for the sake of bringing new talent into the music industry.

8. When she defeated her evil nemesis, Bianca.

MariahCareyVEVO /


9. When she was nice enough to bless Donatella Versace and Beyoncé Knowles with her presence.


They were all, “Mariah, come out with us.” Mariah finally caved hung out with them for nice moment.

10. When she greeted military men while filming her music video for “I Still Believe.”

MariahCareyVEVO / / Via afterld.com

11. When she gave audiences a reason to live with her rousing performance of “If It’s Over” at the 1991 Grammy Awards.

12. When she proclaimed this truth:

MariahCareyVEVO / Via youtube.com

I’ve heard this has been added to the Bible. NIV version.

13. When she understood how you were feeling about a particular thing.

Mariah listens.

Thank you for your continued awesomeness, Mimi.

The world is a better place for it.

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