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    10 Questions You Shouldn't Ever Ask A Gay Guy

    Just no.

    1. "So, which one of you is the girl in the relationship?"


    Seriously? Neither of us are women. We're both guys. Duh.

    2. "Don't you know the Bible condemns your lifestyle?"


    Hey, do us all a favor and never open your mouth again.

    3. "Have you ever tried dating a girl?"


    LOL. Er, no. And I'm only speaking from personal experience, but even still, do you think if we tried to date a girl we'd be straight?

    4. "Do you want to be a woman?"


    OK. Just because we date the same sex doesn't necessarily mean we want to be women. And if we did want to be women, would this be an issue?

    5. "When did you choose to be gay?"


    Um, when did you choose your sexual orientation? Oh, you don't remember? Neither do we!

    6. "You're really cute for a gay guy, ya know?"


    Are we supposed to look like we've escaped from The Island of Dr. Moreau?

    7. "Aren't you afraid you're gonna get HIV?"


    Ugh. We'd appreciate it if you didn't make sweeping generalizations about LGBTQIA culture. Stop.

    8. "Like, I have no problem with your gayness, but why are you so effeminate?"


    Because we can be. Anything else?

    9. "Do you think that this is just a phase?"


    Ermahgerd. Are you serious? No, this is not a phase.

    10. "Aren't all gays supposed to have a great sense of fashion?"


    Not all gay men dress well. Some of us actually don't even care about fashion that much.

    This is just a start, but now you can ask your LGBT friends appropriate questions.

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