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35 Things We've All Learned From Life

Because life is a weird experience.

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1. Relationships are important.... some more than others!

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2. You will get defensive..

3. Siblings is a special breed of relationship...

4. Sometimes it's best to say nothing at all

5. Sometimes our weird past experiences should stay in our past. forever. lock that shit right on up.

6. Exercise is great and terrible all at once

7. Humor is the way to anybody's heart

8. Cartoons can be very honest

9. Dentist appointments will never stop sucking

10. Pets are the best...

11. Some music is amazing, some music should have never been...

12. Life is short, take every good opportunity you have..

13. Time is precious

14. Your brain is complex...

15. Technology can be difficult

16. this happens more frequently than you'd like it to:

17. Some people just want to watch the world burn

18. Education is not to be taken granted for..

19. Awkward silences are the worst

20. You won't always be prepared for a photo but it'll happen anyway

21. We exaggerate...

22. Again, friendships are vital

23. some people try too hard to be "deep"...

24. Music is powerful

25. Sleep is glorious

26. Again, school will not always be easy..

27. This:

28. Careful how you word things, really think before you..... tweet....

29. Hypocrites are everywhere

30. Sometimes you will fail

31. Again, some people try too hard to be "deep"

32. Logic is key

33. Self-Absorbed Drama Queens/Kings are actually even more irritating on the internet...

34. Don't judge too quickly..

35. Every chance you get to smile, laugh, love.... do it!

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