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A Guide On How To Keep Women Happy (Yes It Is Possible)

We women are hard creatures to understand, so this is a list of Do's and Don'ts for the helpless male specimens.

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1. DO respect gas equality

When it comes to gas, everybody has it. If you guys are going to belch loudly after a meal or let one off under the sheets then don't become surprised or offended when we do it too.

8. DON'T say you find another woman attractive

This is a red hot danger zone right here. You know that colleague with the big boobs and short skirt...say she's not your type! Acknowledging another woman's beauty will get you nowhere in a relationship!

13. DO avoid us when it's the time of the month

Our hormones will have us crying one minute and roaring the next. There's nothing you can do right, but I can guarantee that we will find something you do wrong.

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