Teaching John Boehner How To Duckface

He’s got it in him. And you can, too.

1. Alright, John, just push out your lips as far as you can…

2. Out, John. Out.

3. No. God, I don’t even know what that is, John.

4. John, come on… I was just kiddi — John…

7. Ted, will you please show John how to du — what the fu…

8. OK… Not quite what I was going for. But OK.

9. Oh, that’s a bit better, Ted. Now, John, watch: Vlad and Karl can do it, too.

11. Even Pres. Obama can do it. Are you going to let him beat you?

12. See? Not so hard, huh?

13. Let Sen. McCain show you…

14. Jesus Christ. Just… just ignore him. Try it again, John. Go on…

15. Yes! Now scrunch and pooch! Scrunch-and-pooch!



23. Good… good…

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