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Florida English Teacher Forced To Resign After Modeling Photos Surface

"Alright... Who did it? Who sent in the picture?" -Every male student at Martin County High School in Florida.

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... the principal at Martin County High School in Stuart, Florida, was sent a photo of her modeling by an unidentified person (Why? Why would you do that?).

South Florida TV Station WBMF reported someone emailed the photos to school administrators.

The teacher was reportedly called into the principal's office, asked if one of the photos was her and she confirmed that is was, in fact, her in the photo.

WPTV reported that the principal asked for her resignation, according to Sprauer, and she was escorted off campus.

A statement released by the Martin County School District confirmed Sprauer no longer works for the district, according to WPTV.

South Florida TV station WPTV reported the teacher was planning to resign from the school and her teaching position at the end of the school year, anyway, but said she was asked to leave a month early due to the photos surfacing.

Sprauer said she is not upset by the situation, but she does miss her students -- aaaand, they probably miss her.

She plans to do more modeling and go to graduate school.

According to WPBF, Sprauer hopes the media attention she's getting from the pictures could help her pursue her modeling career further -- and she supposedly now goes by the name Victoria Valentine James.

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