Nelson Mandela Or Morgan Freeman: Can You Tell The Difference?

In the wake of the death of 95-year-old former South African president Nelson Mandela, social media has exploded with Mandela quotes and images remembering the honorable life he led. Some people, however, have made the honest mistake of posting a picture of Morgan Freeman and labeling it as the first South African president. Can you tell the difference?

1. Is it Mandela or Morgan? / Via Google

Okay, so this first image might not be so fair to use. This is actually a still from the movie Invictus, in which Freeman played Mandela. So technically, it’s Morgan Freeman dressed as Nelson Mandela.

2. Who Am I?

Don’t let the B&W on this image trick you: that is the white hair of Mr. Mandela. Also, in case you need a way to distinguish the two in the future, Freeman’s got freckles on his nose.

3. Seeing Double? / Via Google

Well now I’m just being mean. Obviously the two men are featured in this image, but which is which? On the left is actor Morgan Freeman, and to his right is former South African president Nelson Mandela. It definitely doesn’t make it any easier to tell them apart when they’re being all buddy buddy in pictures. / Via Google

See. I’m not the only one that thinks it. But at least do Mandela the honor of being able to tell him apart from Freeman. Seriously.

Rest In Peace.

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