10 Signs You’re Done With This Semester, As Told By The Cast Of Friends

Thanksgiving Break is the ultimate blue balls. You get a week at home before the reality of finals hits you and you’re forced back onto campus for another two weeks, until you can return home again for that month of release and relaxation. How teachers expect you to actually do anything during these few weeks, God only knows.

1. This is how you feel when you look at your notes.

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Have I even gone to class this semester? Do I even go here?

2. But you’re going out this weekend anyway.

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3. Instead of studying, you’ve taken to stress eating… a lot.

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Nobody gets me like you do, Mickey D.

4. You’ve calculated the lowest possible grade you can get on your final and still pass.

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Have I really been doing this poorly all semester? Crap.

5. You’ve started to create your own bucket list.

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And it doesn’t include studying for finals.

6. You refuse to hang out with any friend who’s studying.

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God, no. Your work ethic might rub off on me. Nobody wants that.

7. You’re constantly stressed, but you refuse to do anything about it.

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Especially not study.

8. You’ve made a new best friend.

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And her name is Netflix.

9. You sit on Facebook waiting for your friends on sign onto chat.

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Can everyone PLEASE stop studying?

10. But mostly, you just sit around wondering when you went wrong.

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How did I even get into college?

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