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    • MGoldberg

      Very cute post. I have a few thoughts on the comment though.  Birthright was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m a little surprised at some of the self-hating-jews who commented on this articles. Forget the ungratefulness….that’s just the start.  I understand the lies we are taught in our american university - I attend one too - where we aren’t allowed to disagree with the professor at the risk of getting screwed on the grade. But more so, these commentators above have a great degree of scrutiny attributed to Israel, more than they would any other group (particularly the Palestinians) in an attempt to sound sophisticated while hating your own in a cheap attempt to gain credibility. Many american jews have this problem. They feel if they’re critical of their own (Israel) somehow the world views them and noble. It’s simply selfish. They’ll never acknowledge all the Jews who were kicked out of arab countries over the last 100 years (and beyond) because A) they don’t even know about it and B) because their too whipped where they can no longer form their own view and simply fall to the pressure of their environment. Jon Stewart included.  Why do you suppose 90% of hate crimes against Jews does not take place in Israel? Not just because of the security - the Jews in Israel are outnumbered to their hated neighbors nearly 640:1. Here’s an articles from a Harvard professor with details on that - data don’t lie. My stats brother and sisters - let’s talk. 33% of the world’s Jews live in Israel. 90% of the hate crimes committed are outside. Many variables to consider, but the numbers certainly don’t add up. I’m not gonna try to argue each silly uneducated point made above, but understand that anti-Israel in the new accepted form of anti-semistim. The arabs who kill Jews all over Europe should technically have no issues with European Jews, right? I know people have too much guilt to say that they hates Jews - cause that’s not progressive anymore (exempt in the middle east where they arabs are reprinting and distributing Mein Kampf) and they make sure to maintain they’re guilt my letting you know “Oh I have no problem with Jews, I just hate Israel.” Granted, some Jews are saying the same thing, but the average Jew with such criticism doesn’t know crap about Judaism or Israel. The Jews oppositional to Israel (with some rare exceptions) are Jews who don’t practice Judaism or participate in anything Jewish outside of .Hollywood talk.” It’s easy to marry a non-Jew and claim your position on Israel. I don’t mean to be critical of people marrying non-Jews. I have some close friends that have made that decision. However, those people know shit about Israel, its history or Judaism. Nor to they really care much - naturally. This is a generalization - which means it’s applicable to most - but not ALL.  The numbers show that people who marry none-jews generally don’t care much for Judaism nor did they have much of an education (not too shocking). It’s simple, but I’m glad we have the data to back it. Check out the 100 year reunion of the Pittsburgh Platform and you’ll see what I mean.  Religion aside, if a Jew marries a none Jew, the numbers show their kids wont be Jewish (whatever your definition of Jewish is - for now let’s just say they would answer “YES” to the questions, “Are you Jewish?”) Back to my main point, it’s easy to remain unread and uneducated about Israel and merely carry around a false sense of pride, nobility and open-mindedness, that “you are speaking the true when no one else is” when in reality you know shit about Israel, the region or its history, but you’re all too proud to share your dopy opinion. Another issue for american Jews and Israel is that they feel that if they side with Israel some how they’re joining the American “Right” or conservative party, and now they need to have coffee with Rush Limbaugh.  It’s ridiculous on two fronts.  1) I’m sure you can see that our two party system ain’t that great. We americans are screwed when it comes to elections (Israel actually has a 10 party system which demands sometimes apposing parties to work together or else they don’t get a seat in parliament - look it up - it’s very cool) . In America, we have no party that is pro stem cell research and anti abortion - it doesn’t exist here because we are put into boxes. So having a view different from your political party, doesn’t mean you’re joining the “Right.” It’s a darn shame that Israel became a right wing issue here in the states.  2) I can’t imagine an american Liberal wanting woman to continuously be tortured by their “man” by the law of the land. Do you have any fucking clue about what these muslims to do they’re woman? Some how you are okay with it because you aren’t the woman being sold by your dad or beaten by your husband - and it doesn’t bother for you sleep well in the name of “well….that’s their culture.” For example, do you think any of this would be featured on Israeli TV. The link above YouTube channel is simply clips from Palestinian TV. Draw your own conclusion.  Listen stupid, you aren’t an intellectual if you’re critical of Israel and Jewish….you aren’t the first one, so don’t feel so proud; quite simply many american Jews, until the recent blessing of Birthright, didn’t study much Israel or Judaism for they simply went to public school (Unless you went with Oranim….in that case you still know crap about Israel. They aren’t comfortable enough to discuss the real issues so the trip is painted as an atheist vacation in Israel). Back to the public school thing - again, data don’t lie - the number of american jews and the number of American jewish schools don’t add up to a lot of educated Jewish americas- no matter affliction.  Many “secular” Jews haven’t studies Israel and “feel good” insulting it, for it makes them feel righteous by sticking up for the poor Palestinian - even though he wants you dead - no matter is you live in Israel, LA, Chicago or NY. If they could, they would slaughter you in Denver. When being critical of what you consider you own. I’d love to see you equally critical of the Muslims… any country.  Check out this interview from a muslim talking about her upbringing in lovely muslim middle east. A few things that baffle me… The Jews in Israel need to make peace with their neighbors that want them DEAD and are 10,000 times their size. I guess Israel is soooooo intimidating.  If you have an issue with someone, you’d make efforts to come to an agreement. Israel did that - 10 times (look it up) - and each time the arabs went back on their word. Now I don’t know what you do for a living, but if someone cheated you in business once, would you work with them again? What if they went back on their word 5 times? You did everything you could. You even ended with a sighed agreement. To what degree would you continue to work with them? Here’s my suggestion - start Standing up for Israel you cowered. Here’s an articles from a Harvard professor explaining why you are so critical of Israel.

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