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Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse in Cairo;

The Egypt uprising has made all the headlines and maintained the interest of our web readers. No surprise then that our story Clashes resume in Cairo was our most viewed on the day it was published. One week later though and it is still our most sought-after story. Not just on our website but on YouTube, where it appears under the title Fourth Horseman, death. We had to watch the video to get to the bottom of its remarkable popularity. And there it was, at 1'17" -- a pale ghost rider appears to have joined the uprising... A quick look at similar videos on YouTube confirmed that it was not just euronews who had broadcast the mystery horseman. There were plenty of comments referring to the biblical fourth horse of the Apocalypse. The New Testament tells us that each of the four horses is attributed a colour -- white, red, black and pale - and a scourge -- conquest, war, famine and death - to bring upon the world. Everyone has their own interpretation; some believe the fourth horse really has come to bring death upon the land; others point to beings from another planet; most seem to think it's just a reflection in a window. We checked the origin of the video and it was provided to us -- and to many other media outlets -- by REUTERS. So while the footage may have caused a stir, be assured there is no horseplay on our behalf.

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