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Bandwagon - Hollerado - So it Goes

Come check out cool bands in an intimate setting. Always awesome.

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Episode 1 of Season 3 features a special Bandwagon 1 on 1 with Hollerado's Menno Versteeg performing "So It Goes".

From CBC News: "So It Goes was inspired by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Menno Versteeg's grandfather: his wartime experiences as a Dutch resistance fighter during the German occupation of the Netherlands and how his life was spared by a Nazi officer. Though Versteeg's grandfather was captured, rather than being executed shortly thereafter as was most often the case, he and the commanding officer shared an honest conversation — after which he was imprisoned for two years. When the Second World War ended, Versteeg's grandfather recounted the story in court as testimony on behalf of the German officer, whose life was spared.

"It's the story of forgiveness in the most horrible of times — there's something inspiring about it,"‎

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Produced by: Ryan Lalonde

Dani Stover

Michael Hurcomb

A Mexican Cheesus Production

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