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7 Worst Foods To Eat On A First Date (Even When They're Delicious)

Valentines Day may be over but love lives on! While all food is delicious some things should be left for after they've seen your Netflix history.

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1. Spaghetti


Oh spaghetti, you beautiful carbohydrate. This will tempt you at any Italian restaurant but don't be fooled! Between trying to avoid spilling sauce and maintaining eye contact with your date you will have a misstep and then it will all be over.

2. Garlic Knots

Why garlic has to taste so good and ward off potential mates as well continually vexes us all. While some people don't mind the smell of garlic your date might and in that case you could DUMP THEY'RE DUMB SELVES or just wait until the third date to get your garlic on.

3. Ramen


Ramen is a trap akin to spaghetti. Its a melody of everything good in this world but its nearly impossible to eat with the grace and poise often found on a first date. If you find someone who is willing to eat ramen with you with no judgements marry them now because they are your soul mate.

4. Steak


Steak for most of us is what we order only when our parents are in town and are taking us out to dinner. If your getting steak on your first date good for you. Unfortunately no one wants to foot the bill for that glorious peace of meat especially if they haven't decided if they even want a second date.

5. Fondue


Fondue in its purest form is dipping small portions of food into a scalding cauldron of your choosing. Whats worse than being on a fondue date is finding out your date doesn't like cheese. This we all know is a deal breaker.

6. Veal


The only thing more awkward than being on a bad date is being on a bad date while talking about dead baby cows. While some people love veal there is also the chance that your date is the president of PETA and your whole date was actually part of a animal cruelty protest.

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