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  • Edible Lingerie

    Just when you thought that the usual nights are getting boring with the same old fashioned inner wears to woo your spouse, the hot pick among many countries is seeing women indulging and splurging on anything that is edible.

  • Boxers V Briefs

    I surely will let you understand the pros and cons of this age old problem. Yes this problem has existed for ages, except back in the Roman Empire time; it was a serious debate between Iron and Steel underwear.

  • Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About World War II

    I’m quite a big history buff and am amazed at the extent of crazy facts I read every now and then. If they had just bothered including such stuff in our school textbooks, History would have been so much more fun, though the homework still would be the most pointless invention ever

  • World Cup Prediction! Whats Your Take?

    This world cup has seen a lot of ups and downs and in the end, 5 of the 8 teams ranked in the top 8 have come through, barring the pissed off French, the incredibly boring Italians and the not so entertaining England. Still we have a host of great matches lined up in the last 8 and we still have the possibility of a Brazil v Argentina final. So here’s what we at metromonkey think will happen in the Quarterfinals View Image ›

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