• 1. Metallica: “Seek And Destroy”

    The target of James Hetfield’s killer rage must have done something really wrong to cheese him off so badly! And woe betide that schmoe when Hetfield and crew catch up to them!

  • 2. Halford: “Wrath Of God”

    Armegeddon done like only the lead Priest Beast can do…only it’s with his side project! Real powerful imagery is possible if you listen long enough!

  • 3. Sick Puppies: “You’re Going Down!”

    Aussie aggro, set to a beat that reminds me of the opening of “TAPOUT” or an MMA main event.

  • 4. Judas Priest (w/”Ripper” Owens on vox): “Burn In Hell.”

    Title of the song sums up what the singer feels about the subject…if he’s talking from the point-of-view of Satan!

  • 5. Drowning Pool: “Step Up”

    Prelude to a bar fight…can be avoided if you don’t follow the singer out that door!

  • 6. Accept: “This One’s For You”

    Calling out a wanna-be tough-guy, then flipping him the bird…my, aren’t we ready to bring the pain!

  • 7. Krokus: “Eat The Rich”

    Unlike the version from Areosmith, the Swiss metallers talk about dishing out some heavy duty payback—Swiss style. BTW, the Swiss are not pansies, not by any stretch of the imagination. They were the most feared warriors in the Rennisance era, matched only by the German Landsknect! Even today, Swiss troops form the core of the Pope’s bodyguard detail

  • 8. Michael Jackson: “Bad”

    The most aggro of any song in the musical library of the late “King Of Pop.” Just goes to show you that MJ wasn’t always a “Peter Pan Syndrome” case.

  • 9. Dokken: “Dream Warriors”

    When this song comes on, we know who’se butt is about to get sent right back through the Gates of Hell—don’t we, Freddy Krueger?

  • 10. Fight: “Into The Pit”

    Because if RH catches you…that will be your eternal destination!

  • 11. Lita Ford: “Out for Blood”

    And by that, she means YOUR blood, chump!

  • 12. Anthrax: “I Am the Law”

    A tribute to Judge Dredd, it’s also a warning to his potential victims that Mega City is no longer safe for criminals to even breathe in!

  • 13. J Geils Band: “Rage In The Cage”

    And God Help You if you let him out!

  • 14. Iron Maiden: “The Assassin”

    From contract issuance to execution of contract, this story-song is whup-ass up close and personal (albeit from behind a rifle scope).

  • 15. Slayer: “Hollowpoint”

    Your end cometh, courtesy of a close-range fired hollowpoint slug!

  • 16. A Final Word…

    I only picked 15…but perhaps you can figure out a few more? If so, well-and-good! Enjoy your list—and enjoy the night! —RKJ