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11 Disney Channel Original Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Disney Channel Original movies are the most important films of our generation. From Zenon to Brink, it seems our generation has such a hard time shaking these life-changing movies from our memory. So, we all know you’ve seen these movies, but here are 11 things you might not know about these one-of-a-kind flicks.

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1. LeVar Burton directed “Smart House”

That’s right, the host of “Reading Rainbow,” took a break from educating children to entertaining them with this terrifyingly, awesome film about why computers shouldn’t also be our Mothers.

2. Wait, so what did you do again, Zac?

While Hunter Parrish auditioned for the role, Matthew Underwood (right) from Zoey 101 was actually offered the role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical, but his contract with Nickelodeon prevented him from starring. When Zac Efron was eventually cast, his voice was deemed too low for a tenor, so Drew Seeley (Cinderella Story) took over singing duties. However, Zac’s voice did finally Break Free in HSM 2.

3. The Luck of the Irish Villains are who?!

Not only does character-actor Timothy Omundsen (Psych, Galavant) play the villainous Seamus McTiernen in this action-packed Irish-tale, but who plays one of his henchman? None other than Reggie Ledoux, the obsessively creepy, psycho murderer from True Detective.

4. Val from Brink! was on Beauty and the Geek

He wasn’t a soul skater, but he sure was a beauty… no literally. On the second season of the CW show, “Beauty and the Geek,” Sam Horrigan, a.k.a. Val, was the star of the reality show’s brand new plot twist: Playing the first male “Beauty” to the first female Geek. (Oh yeah, you might also recognize him as Spike from “Little Giants.”)

5. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was a book!?

Written by Marilyn Sadler 3 years before the movie, the book kicked off the many adventures of Zenon Kar that included: 2001’s “Bobo Crazy,” and “Zenon Kar: Spaceball Star.” Um, we’re still waiting for the Spaceball Championship Spin-Off, Disney!

6. Bella Swan’s Big Debut!

Years before she began romanticizing a man whiter than most fluorescent light-bulbs, Kristen Stewart got her first big break in the Disney Channel movie, “The Thirteenth Year.” Sure, she was un-credited and has no lines but honestly, that’s probably why the movie was such a success.

7. The Director of Motocrossed did NOT mess around

Not only did Steve Boyum direct “Stepsister from Planet Weird,” “Johnny Tsunami” and “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire,” but he also directed “Motocrossed.” Alana Austin, the star of that movie, was under the impression that her scenes masquerading as her twin brother would be filmed with a wig. Nope. Boyum told Alana that she had to chop that mop off. But it’s fine, because she eventually grew it back and is still just a very, very insanely pretty human.

8. The first Disney Channel Original Movie starred who?!

Most people incorrectly label the first DCOM as Brink! (1998) Other’s are more knowledgeable and say “Under Wraps (1997). However, the ACTUAL first DCOM came out 2 months prior and stars Diane Keaton as a childless widow who inherits her 9-year old nephew when her brother died…. It’s like- CAN YOU JUST STICK TO SOUL-SKATING ROLLER-BLADERS, DISNEY!?

9. The Halloween movies left a bad taste in parent’s mouths, literally.

After “Don’t Look Under The Bed” caused a lot of fuss from parents who complained that the movie was too scary, things got even worse in 2000. During a scene in “Mom’s Got a Date With A Vampire,” the vampire, Dimitri, licks his lips while thinking about eating the family dog and parent’s were none too pleased. It got to the point when the scene was taken off subsequent airings or any DVD or VHS releases post-2010. They really poured garlic all over that wound…

10. No One Knows How to Spell Kalabar

In the first “Halloweentown,” the closed-captioning spells the main villain’s name, Kalabar, as “Calabar.” However, the name is spelled “Kalabar” in the title of the second movie, “Halloweentown 2,” even though the ending credits spell the character’s name out as “Calabar.” PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE SAMPRAS, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DISNEY!

11. The Famous Jett Jackson Movie Brought Out All The Stops

Not only did “The Famous Jett Jackson Movie” bring in Director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, This Is Where I Leave You), but also veteran actor Michael Ironside (Terminator: Salvation, Starship Troopers) who’s appeared in over hundreds of films! But hey, at least they saved money on a double since Lee Thompson Young performed 90% of his own stunts, including running along side a building while it exploded in the opening scene. RIP, you magnificent wunderkind.

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