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10 Times Elliot Stabler Was The Best Man Alive

only 10 because we can't be here all day

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1. the time he rescued a missing boy

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he listened to the boy's older brother when no one else would and discovered his missing brother.

2. The time he saved an old woman from a mad man

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2. the poor old woman was shoved in a refrigerator

3. That time he rescued a kidnapped baby

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She was stolen from a grocery store but he found her!

4. The time he saved a dying woman

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and risked getting HIV

5. The time he helped Abigail Breslin to not be scared to name who tried to kidnap her

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because if Abigail Breslin is gonna be kidnapped you can bet Elliot will put a stop to it.

6. That time he found a baby girl

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the end of this episode (Shaken in season 5) is haunting and one of the best Elliot Stabler scenes ever and should not be missed.

7. that time he made a trans girl feel loved and validated

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In a super sweet scene, he told the girl that she's still worthy of love

8. The time he comforted a little boy

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and kept him calm and safe after his mother passed

9. the time he rescued a child from the cage he was living in

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Stabler has seen so many terrible things

10. the time he saved a judge from imminent death

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because when you get poked by a needle, you're gonna want Stabler to race you to the hospital

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