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    8 Trans Tropes We Need To Retire In 2016

    This year, let's strive for media representation that doesn't turn trans people into jokes, props, or spectacles.

    It's a new year, and trans people continue to be in the spotlight — but whenever trans stories are told in movies or TV, it's usually assumed that those stories need to cater to a cisgender audience. A lot of the time, trans people aren't portrayed as multidimensional humans. Instead, our lives end up being told in stereotypical ways over and over again, which become codified into tropes: themes or devices that are common and overused.

    As more and more trans characters are represented in the media, here are some tropes we'd love to say goodbye to in 2016. Though they may have seemed cool and edgy back in the day — when just having a trans person onscreen seemed progressive — we need to get past these tired and unoriginal stereotypes to get to nuanced and human portrayals of trans people.

    1. The trans person as a crisis for cis people.

    2. The trans nude shot.

    3. The token trans actor with a bit part (especially when the lead is a cisgender man).

    4. A trans person’s goal in life is to be loved by a cisgender person.

    5. The mentally unstable trans woman.

    6. The hot girl who turns out to be trans, to the disgust of cisgender men.

    7. Straight cis dudes dressing up as women for laughs.

    8. The only trans people worth talking about are women.

    While all these tropes have got to go, there were luckily a lot of awesome trans screen moments in 2015.

    We're also looking forward to shows and movies created by and starring trans people, like Happy Birthday Marsha and Her Story, which promise nuanced trans characters. More of those, please!