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16 Extraordinary Black Trans Leaders You Need To Know

In celebration of Black History Month, let's recognize and applaud the amazing black leaders who have shaped the transgender movement.

When we talk about trans people, two names that almost always come up are Janet Mock and Laverne Cox, who have become standard-bearers for the trans community.

But black trans excellence doesn't begin and end with these two amazing women. There are many more black leaders who have revolutionized the movement for trans rights.

1. Marsha P. Johnson

2. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

3. Tracey Norman

4. Monica Roberts

5. Tiq Milan

6. Lourdes Ashley Hunter

7. Elle Hearns

8. Tyler Ford

9. CeCe McDonald

10. J Mase III

11. Precious Davis and Myles Brady

12. Monica Jones

13. Cherno Biko

14. Reina Gossett

15. Blake Brockington


Before dying by suicide in 2015, Brockington was the first openly transgender homecoming king in North Carolina, and was a lauded activist and advocate.

16. Angelica Ross