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    • mereditht9

      I was a busser at a “fancy” Italian restaurant for a year. I specifically remember one night, the waitresses were being RUDE, I mean flat our rude to people, well I was still polite, filled water glasses, brought out bread, took plates away etc. Well the couple left 20% for the waitress & as they were leaving the woman at the table came up to me & handed me a $10 bill, saying “I appreciate you being so attentive & kind & wanted to make sure you were thanked as well.” :-) The waitress was livid w/ me! “YOU NEED TO PUT THAT IN THE COLLECTION FOR TONIGHT” “Excuse me? No, the woman came up to ME & gave ME a tip, she left you your 20% maybe next time you should be nice.” While I do not think you should stiff your waiter/waitress simply because you can, the amount of tip weighs heavily on how you treat the customer, so go into the kitchen get your bitchin out & instead of waiting for your wages to go up, work the table & always smile.

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