The Unofficial Ranking Of The 15 Worst Fashion Offenses On “Dragonball Z”

Maybe they should’ve used those Dragon Balls to wish for new wardrobes.

15. Videl’s Baggy Layered Ensemble

Toei Animation / Via

I question the decision to wear a stretched out shirt/dress thing into battle.

14. Goten’s Oversized “Goten Son” Shirt

Toei Animation / Via

What is with these people and their burning need to put their names on all of their clothing?!

13. Yamcha’s Mustard Yellow Leisure Suit

Toei Animation / Via

Sleazy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

12. Bulma’s Boxy White Coat/Tube Top/Shorts Combo

Toei Animation / Via

There are shoulder pads, and then there are shoulder pads.

11. Bra’s Age Inappropriate Red Vinyl Outfit

Toei Animation / Via

She’s supposed to be like ten years old!

10. Bulma’s Puffy Yellow Namek Outfit

Toei Animation / Via

In case of emergencies, her dress can be used as a flotation device.

9. Gohan’s Bowl Haircut

Toei Animation / Via

This is the worst possible humiliation you can bestow on your child.

8. Trunk’s Dorky GT Ensemble

Toei Animation / Via

What happened to you, man? You used to be the cool, sexy one. Now you’re a dork with short pants and a bandana.

7. Bulma’s Afro and Bolero Combo

Toei Animation / Via

Where do I even start with this one?

6. Android 19 and 20’s Fluffy Matching Outfits

Toei Animation / Via

It’s like they accidentally put on each other’s tops that day.

5. Goku’s Alien Ruff Collar Outfit

Toei Animation / Via

Where did he just get back from, the seventeenth century?

4. Piccolo’s Gaudy T-Shirt/Jeans/Hat Combo

Toei Animation / Via

What is “Postboy”, exactly?

3. Chichi’s Metal Bikini

Toei Animation / Via

You mean you didn’t run around in a garish metal bikini when you were 12? The removable blade is cool, I’ll give her that.

2. Vegeta’s Pornstache

Toei Animation / Via

Get out.

1. Vegeta’s Pink “BADMAN” shirt.

Toei Animation / Via

Vegeta’s pink “BADMAN” shirt is the most ridiculous shirt ever drawn on a fictional character. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t kill for a shirt just like it.

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