The 28 Best Running Gags On “Archer”

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”

1. Classic Mother

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2. Lana’s Abnormally Large Hands

3. The Danger Zone

4. Phrasing

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5. Archer’s Habit of Dumping People’s Clothing

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6. ISIS’ Disgusting Carpet

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7. Lana’s Fiocci Knock-Off Underwear

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8. Tactical Turtlenecks

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9. The Wee Baby Seamus

10. Archer’s Love of Burt Reynolds

11. “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound Of…”


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13. Piggly

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14. The Gypsy Woman

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15. Cheryl’s Glue-Sniffing Habit

16. Cheryl’s Psychotic Tendencies

17. Babou the Ocelot

18. Krieger’s Van

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19. Krieger’s Virtual Girlfriend

20. Brett the Bullet Magnet

21. Pam’s Grisly Past

23. Archer’s Elaborate Voicemail Pranks

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24. Archer’s Tinnitus

25. Archer’s Rampages

26. Ridiculously Easy System Break-Ins

27. Extended Conversational Drinking

28. Archer/Malory May Literally Die

Have any other favorite running gags from the show? Post them in the comments!

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