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The Five Stages Of Grieving The Cancellation Of NBC's "Hannibal"

If you need me, I'll be over here eating my feelings.

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1. Denial

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Hannibal, cancelled? Poppycock! Why would anyone cancel this breathtaking, gorgeous, horrendously violent network television show? I mean, please. And what even are ratings? Nonsense, that's what they are.

2. Hanger

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Ugh, okay, Hannibal is cancelled?! That's how you want to play it?! Fine! I'm so angry right now! And hungry. Hungry for the flesh of the people who cancelled Hannibal!

3. Bargaining


I mean this doesn't mean it's over, right? Netflix or Hulu could pick it up. Maybe even a cable channel. It's never truly fit in over at NBC anyway. The Walking Dead is just as violent and pulls huge ratings at AMC. This doesn't have to be the end for Hannibal.

4. Depression

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But, but, but, it was such a fantastic show. And it didn't regularly disappoint me, like Game of Thrones does. And poor Bryan Fuller, will he never be allowed to see a project through to completion? What am I gonna watch now?!

5. Acceptance (Not)

NBC / Via

Nope, there's no accepting this. Where can I sign up for the #SaveHannibal fan campaign? What are we gonna send to NBC, rubber ears? Cookbooks? Flower crowns?

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