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The Coolest Sailor Moon Merchandise Currently On The Market

In the name of the Moon, I will punish your wallet!

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Remember when you sold all of your old plastic Sailor Moon props, and then deeply regretted it? Well now you can remedy that mistake by getting all new props! By far the most enticing item is the Bandai Moon Stick Proplica, but there are also transformation brooches available and more props undoubtedly on the way.


Comics Alliance

Unlike the figures of old, the new Sailor Moon figures actually resemble the characters they're based on. The most popular of the new set are the S.H Figuarts Collection, but there are also the beautiful Figuarts Zero figures available, as well as numerous gashapon and figurines.


Sailor Moon Collectibles

Thanks to the 20th anniversary, you can channel your inner child and collect whole new sets of Sailor Moon plushes. There are inner senshi, outer senshi, and a few specials, like Black Lady and Princess Serenity.


Sailor Moon Collectibles

If anyone doubts your dedication to Sailor Moon, write them an angry letter using pieces from the Sailor Moon stationary sets. They've got journals, clearfiles, pens, seals, pencil cases, pointers and more. And because they're so ridiculously cute, it won't even matter to you that snail mail is an outdated form of communication.

Phone and Tech Accessories

Sailor Moon News

Decorate the most important thing in your life (your tech) with accessories featuring the other most important thing in your life (Sailor Moon). There are scores of cases, phone charms and plugs, earbuds, and button covers to choose from, and they're all super stylish and adorable.

Designer Clothes


Wearing your love of Sailor Moon proudly across your chest doesn't mean you have to settle for a t-shirt. Several Japanese boutiques are producing stylish designer shirts, dresses, skirts and jackets in partner with the series. You may have to try pretty hard to get your hands on them, though. Maybe try eBay?



Now you can run around in your underwear pretending to be a Sailor Senshi! These costume underwear sets aren't the most practical of the lingerie you can buy, but they're certainly the coolest.


Sailor Moon Wikia

Premium Bandai and other partner companies are coming out with all types of jewelry, from brooch pendants, to charm bracelets, to rings and earrings. Now you'll never have to go without a Sailor Moon accessory on your person.


Sailor Moon Collectibles

Get the complete Sailor Moon look with the new cosmetics line. There are different eye shadows (one for each inner senshi), blushes, nail polishes, nail seals, and eyeliner pencils. Use them sparingly though, since you probably won't be able to pick up a replacement at the MAC store.


Sailor Moon Collectibles

The new Sailor Moon tote bags and purses come in a variety of adorable designs and styles, including backpacks and luggage. Which you'll need to carry around all your other highly coveted Sailor Moon purchases.

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