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New "Sailor Moon Crystal" Promo Stills Are Out And They're Perfect

*Moon Prism Power intensifies*

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An advanced screening of Sailor Moon Crystal aired over the weekend, providing beautiful new stills and casting information! Try to contain your excitement. Or don't!

Additionally, Usagi's friends, family, and enemies have been casted as follows:

Usagi's Friends and Family:

Ikuko Tsukino - Yuko Mizutani

Shingo Tsukino – Seira Liu

Naru Osaka – Satomi Sato

Haruna Sakurada - Akemi Kanda

Motoki Furuhata – Hiroshi Okamoto

Gurio Umino – Daiki Yamashita

Yumiko – Hyang-Ri Kim

Kuri – Yukiko Morishita

The Dark Kingdom:

Misa Watanabe - Queen Beryl

Daisuke Kishio - Jadeite

Kousuke Toriumi - Nephrite

Masaya Matsukaze - Zoisite

Eiji Takemoto - Kunzite

Sailor Moon Crystal will be released worldwide on July 5th. Are you as totally stoked as I am? Let me know in the comments!

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