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18 Reactions You Had When Your Favorite Shows Were Snubbed By The Emmys

We'll always have the Golden Globes.

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1. Perhaps you were livid when The Big Bang Theory got left off the Best Comedy list.

CBS / Via

2. Or maybe you wanted to pop someone good when you realized Empire wasn't on the Best Drama list.

FOX / Via

3. Outlander's snub made you want to want to start a rebellion of your own.

Starz / Via

4. And Masters of Sex's absence from Best Drama was a total turn-off for you.

Showtime / Via

5. The lack of Sons of Anarchy nominees made you feel like you had serious road rash.

FX Networks / Via

6. Or maybe you felt like Daredevil's snub was a total conspiracy.

Netflix/Marvel / Via

7. The lack of The Americans in the Best Drama category made you wonder if there are spies on the Emmy voting panel.

FX Networks / Via

8. You felt it was unjustified that Justified wasn't nominated for it's last season.

FX Network / Via

9. The Penny Dreadful snub might've sent you into a demonic frenzy.

Showtime / Via

10. Ellie Kemper being left out of her own show's nominations made you feel totally breakable.

Netflix / Via

11. And Constance Wu's absense from the Best Comedy Actress category had you throwing serious shade at the Emmys.

ABC / Via

12. You wanted to go drown your sorrows in whiskey and breakfast food when you realized Nick Offerman was never nominated for Parks and Recreation.

NBC / Via

13. And Kerry Washington, apparently, is far too great for the Emmys.

14. Jane the Virgin's snub made you wonder if there was some kind of improbable mix-up.

ABC / Via

15. And no love for Parenthood made you feel like you've been abandoned.

NBC / Via

16. You felt like the Emmy voters could use a stern talking to from the snubbed Dame Maggie Smith.

ITV / Via

17. But hey, even if your favorite show or actor didn't get nominated, you know they're the best.

FOX / Via

18. And look on the bright side: at least Tatiana Maslany finally got her due.

BBC America / Via

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