15 Reasons Why Garrus Vakarian Is The Perfect “Mass Effect” Boyfriend

There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.

1. He’s your best friend.

2. He’s always got your back.

3. His voice is irresistible.


4. He’s adorkable.

5. Even if he’s a little awkward sometimes.

Bioware / Via rebloggy.com

6. He’s a stone cold badass.

7. He’s good at fixing stuff.

Bioware / Via rebloggy.com

8. He oozes charisma.

9. He’s funny as hell.

Bioware / Via giphy.com

10. He’s concerned without being clingy.

11. He’s not shy about defining your relationship.

12. He’s got rugged hot guy scars.

13. And he’s weirdly attractive.

Bioware / Via giphy.com

14. He knows how to bring the romance.

15. And he’ll calibrate your heart.

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