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    9 Reasons Why We Can't Wait To Have Sailor Moon Back

    If you've been tuned in to the goings on of the internet at all during the past couple years, you may have heard word that beloved anime Sailor Moon is getting both a manga-accurate reboot, and a complete remastered re-release. To get into the spirit of the series, here's a list of reasons why we can't wait to have our beloved Soldier of Justice back.

    Outrageous Hairstyles


    If you claim you've never tried to twist your hair into Usagi's dumpling pigtails, or Chibusa's rabbit ears, you're lying.

    Terrible Fashions

    It's possible that Usagi and co.'s horrifying 80's fashion will be updated for the new anime, but I hope not. Can you even imagine life without Mamoru's creepy turtlenecks?



    Is there anything cuter than the Senshi's cat advisors Luna, Artemis and their kitten Diana? No. No there isn't.

    Sparkly Cute Items


    I have no doubt that the new anime will be filled to the brim with as many sparkly cute things as before, but if they wanna be legit, they gotta include the sparkly cute sounds.

    Transformation Sequences

    Trippy, colorful, and repetitive, Sailor Moon transformation sequences are an iconic part of the classic anime. Let's hope the new anime will give us a chance to enjoy more instances of sparkly naked people summoning cute clothes directly onto their bodies.

    Tuxedo Mask's Weird Behavior


    Even if the new anime doesn't portray Tuxedo Mask as a total cloudcuckoolander, we'll still be able to revisit his bizarre nuggets of wisdom and odd mannerisms in the classic anime.

    A True Heroine


    Sailor Moon's Usagi is lazy, whiny, a poor student, and values a good nap and a video game over a job or school. Which makes her the perfect heroine for us lazy, unmotivated millennials, amirite?

    Lady Lovin'


    Both the new anime and the re-mastered classic anime will be completely uncensored, which means that we can all finally pretend that the whole "cousins" thing never happened.

    Good Ole Fashioned Girl Power

    Sailor Moon can be a little silly sometimes, but at its core, it's a fantastic epic about an all-girl superhero team and their fight to save the galaxy. A timeless classic that embraces female strength, friendship, and diversity, Sailor Moon is the perfect choice for a revival. Fight on, Sailor Moon, and inspire a whole new generation of girls!

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