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30 Things Ohioans Love

As told by a New Yorker who is currently dating one, is friends with countless others, and spent four years voluntarily living in this great (yet, at times, very odd) state during my glory days of college.

1. Ohio State football

2. Being a swing state

3. Ranch dressing

4. Hating Lebron

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5. Mountain Dew

6. Referring to random parts of random towns and cities as “downtown”

7. Sperrys

8. Donatos

9. American-made cars

10. Defending the Cleveland Browns

11. Chinese buffets

12. Dating their high school sweetheart far into college... or, eventually, just marrying them.

13. Cedar Point

14. Referring to soda strictly as "pop"

15. Most restaurant chains (namely: Panera, Olive Garden, Chipotle, and Outback — I could go on)

16. Their high school

17. Wearing athletic clothing while having no intention of working out

18. Chicken bacon ranch pizza and sandwiches

(Note: I realize that both pizza and ranch have already been listed but, believe me, these particular items needed another reference.)

19. Drive-thrus in general

20. Saying "you're fine" instead of "no problem" or "no worries"

21. Skyline Chili

22. Cornhole

(Note: Yes, that is Paul Ryan playing cornhole. You're welcome.)

23. Claiming to live in a city but really living in a suburb

24. "The range"

25. Referring to sneakers strictly as "tennis shoes" or "tennys"

26. Graeter's ice cream

27. Going to the beach aka Lake Erie

28. Referring to vacuums as "sweepers"

29. Wendy's

30. Being "the birthplace of aviation"

(Note: For a bit, there was a big dispute about which state was actually the birthplace of aviation. Although the first flight took off from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Ohioans claim to deserve the title because the home-grown Wright brothers invented the first aircraft in their bicycle shop in Dayton.)