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14 Forgotten Feminist Cartoon Characters From The '90s

There's more than just Daria and Helga.

1. Pepper Ann from Pepper Ann

Walt Disney Television Animation / Via

Watch her rollerblade all over gender stereotypes here.

2. Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power

Nickelodeon / Via

She was always super level-headed compared to Otto and her friends and could surfboard, skimboard, deconstruct feminist theory, skateboard, and rollerblade just as good if not better than everyone else.

3. Susie Carmichael from Rugrats

Nickelodeon / Via

Not only was Susie the only black Rugrat (don't we wish there was more diversity on the show?), but she was insanely confident, open-minded, and always asserted her opinion. She was also the voice of reason on the Rugrats.

4. Mr. Simmons from Hey Arnold!


Mr. Simmons is the most open-minded character on Hey Arnold! and the best teacher on the show. He's just the kindest man who enjoys a good Cabernet Sauvignon on Thanksgiving and making safe spaces for everyone around him.

5. D.W. from Arthur

PBS / Via

The younger sister of Arthur (the only cute aardvark that's existed, let's be real), who was always a rabble rouser in her family and understood the power of books.

6. Francine from Arthur

PBS / Via

...and while we're talking about Arthur, we can't forget about Francine - the cocky tomboy athlete who always butt heads with Arthur. Here's a classic Francine episode.

7. Judy Funnie from Doug

Nickelodeon / Via

Judy's dramatic tendencies only existed because she was devoted to theatre and literature. This is something that Doug just couldn't understand.

8. Martha from Bobby's World

FOX Kids / Via

She somehow was able to give Bobby all the attention he needed even though she had four other kids! ...that's pretty empowering.

9. Mother Bear from Little Bear

Nickelodeon / Via

She worked alongside her husband to care for the house and family in a wonderful way. She also had to make due in a challenging environment like the countryside, getting creative with what she had. If Little Bear needed anything, the chances are Mother Bear had the answer (the right answer).

10. Sally Cat from The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Showtime / Via

Here's her first day at school. She brings puppets to the classroom and enchants the other students with her leadership skills and teaches them about third-wave feminism!!

11. Angela from Angela Anaconda

This tomboy debuted on Fox Family (before it was ABC Family!)

12. Dot from Animaniacs

Warner Bros.

She's the younger sister of two brothers, Yakko and Wacko, and was never afraid to voice her opinions.

13. Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys


She loved science, spoke to animals, was immersed in nature, was level-headed and mature... need I say more?

...and last, but CERTAINLY not least...

...the most important feminist of the decade (in both the real and fictional world)...

14. Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats


She was 100% for independence and always spoke her mind.

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