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What Happens When You Google 'Beautiful' In 15 Different Languages

Set your Google browser to different languages, search for 'beautiful' and you won't believe what happens.

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German (Beautiful = Schön)

French (Beautiful = Belle)

Vietnamese (Beautiful = đẹp)


Chinese (Beautiful = 漂亮)

Afrikaans (Beautiful = Pragtig)

Portugese (Beautiful = Bonita)

Russian (Beautiful = красивая)

Larus Sigurdarson / Via

Thai (Beautiful = สวย)

Hebrew (Beautiful = יפה)

Korean (Beautiful = 예쁜)

Somali (Beautiful = Qurux)

Japanese (Beautiful = 美しい)

Arabic (Beautiful = جميل)


Spanish (Beautiful = Hermosa)

Turkish (Beautiful = Güzel)

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