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25 Halloween Costumes That People Who Grew Up In The 1980s Will Immediately Recognize

Does your birth certificate say you grew up in the 80s? Prove it!

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1. This Always Puffy Treat

2. This Utterly Adoptable Munchkin

3. This Master of Rap and Fly Girls

4. This Guy Who Wants To Make You Sweat

5. This Master of the Universe

6. This Random Assortment of Kids in Detention

7. These British Pop Studs

8. This Scruffy Tomboy

9. This Guy and His Happy Trees

10. These Two Masters of Hiding in Plain Sight

11. This Girl Who Just Wants to Have Fun

12. This Guy Who Doesn't Know What Year It Is

13. These Friends In Search Of An Adventure

14. This Deep Soul

15. These Two

16. This Guy Who's Not Gonna Take It Anymore

17. The Girl in This Outfit

18. This Young Warrior Who is Looking for the Triforce

19. This Master of the Full Nelson


20. This Goody Two Shoes

21. This Kid With Superb Musical Taste

22. These Rocker Girls

23. This Russian Powerhouse

24. This Mistres of the Dark

25. And Finally, This Cyborg Assassin


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