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A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Home And Away Couples

~You know we belong together...~

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21. Leah and Jesse

Channel 7

Best Moment: Jesse proposing to Leah. Even though she rejects it. STILL ROMANTIC.

Worst Moment: When Jesse is a suspect in ex flame Angies murder.

Most WTF Moment: Leah kissing Flynn while carrying Sallys baby as surrogate, causing Jesse and her to break up

20. Charlie and Joey

Channel 7

Best Moment: The whole relationship. Yes, there was controversy on both sides for various reasons, but it was so awesome that H&A had a legit same sex relationship and it's high time they had another tbh.

Worst Moment: Charlie cheating on Joey with Hugo.

Most WTF moment: The outside-the-show drama over the screening of a same sex kiss.

19. Ruby and Casey

Channel 7

Best Moment: Casey showing up and surprising Ruby right before senior formal.

Worst moment: When Ruby's mum/fake sister Charlie dies, and she pushes Casey away because of his connection to Brax, who she blames for her death.

Most WTF moment: The whole beginning of their relationship - Ruby hooking up with Casey, then sleeping with Romeo, then going back to Casey. MESSY.

18. Brax and Ricky

Channel 7

Best Moment: Brax's confession of love after they return from London.

Worst Moment: Ricky finding out she was pregnant at the same time as River Boy Casey's death.

Most WTF moment: The whole London storyline when Brax is hit by a car coz he was chasing Ricky.

17. Bianca and Heath

Channel 7

Best Moment: Their gorgeous cliff top wedding.

Worst Moment: Baby Rocco's tragic SIDS death.

Most WTF Moment: Heath sleeping with someone on his bucks weekend and telling Bianca on their wedding day. NOT COOL.

16. Geoff and Nicole

Channel 7

Best Moment: When they were stranded on a deserted island, resulting in ~sexy times~

Worst Moment: Geoff's stress over losing his virginity before marriage, leading to the demise of their relationship.

Most WTF Moment: When they returned to the deserted island only to be stalked by a murderous madman. Just a casual madman inclusion there.

15. Nick and Jade

Channel 7

Best Moment: The "will they or won't they" period where Nick is into Jade but is still with her twin sister Kirsty.

Worst Moment: Evil Angie falsely accusing Nick of assaulting her, leading to him having to ~flee the Bay~.

Most WTF moment: Nick's appearance on "The Dorm", a reality show in which he is made to appear like he's hooking up with a fellow contestant.

14. Bianca and Liam

Channel 7

Best moment: When Bianca cancels her wedding to Vittorio and goes to live the hippy life for a bit with Liam in his shack lodging.

Worst moment: Liam finding out Biancas baby was Heaths, not his.

Most WTF moment: The fact there were paparazzo at their wedding. No m8s. Liam was not THAT popular a music star.

13. Robbie and Tasha

Channel 7

Best Moment: Their unofficial wedding.

Worst Moment: Robbie stepping on a needle when they went camping and not mentally coping, leading to their breakup.

Most WTF Moment: Tasha's 'Believer' cult stint.

12. Ric and Matilda

Channel 7

Best moment: Matilda losing her v-card to Ric. He was SO SWEET.

Worst moment: Their pregnancy scare.

Most WTF moment: Viv the sexy ~older lady~ who seduced Ric.

11. Kane and Kirsty

Channel 7

Best Moment: The joint wedding/renewing of vows with Hayley and Noah. Cheese fest!

Worst Moment: Kane's foray into armed robbery.

Most WTF Moment: The whole Kane-sexually-assaulted-Kirstys-sister-Dani thing. The memory always made their relationship feel a bit off.

10. Travis and Rebecca

Channel 7

Best Moment: Their iconic beach wedding, complete with an early-days Sia as musical accompaniment.

Worst Moment: When Sally's jealous boyfriend Tim spread rumours that Travis was into too-young girls.

Most WTF Moment: The couple leaving the bay to work on a TALL SHIP. Righto...

9. April and Dex

Channel 7

Best Moment: Dex's romantic fairy-lit room decoration for April after a fight.

Worst Moment: April waiting for Dex to come home to their new place, only to learn he had been in a terrible car accident.

Most WTF Moment: April losing her virginity to Heath (her sisters ex!) after seeing Dex leave new girl Dallas' trailer and thinking they had hooked up.

8. Martha and Jack

Channel 7

Best moment: Their wedding, complete with cowboy boots for the bridesmaids.

Worst moment: When Martha was left a widow after Jack was accidentally shot in the chest. FEELS.

Most WTF moment: The whole "is the baby Jack or Roman's?" storyline. Which terrifyingly happens a lot on H&A, let's be honest.

7. Aden and Belle

Channel 7

Best Moment: Aden opening up to Belle about his grandfathers abuse.

Worst Moment: Aden discovering Belle has cancer right before their wedding.

Most WTF Moment: Aden borrowing money from a loan shark for Belles engagement ring.

6. Vinnie and Leah

Channel 7

Best Moment: Vinnie's proposal after Leah's controversial health scare from stepping on a needle at the beach.

Worst moment: Vinnie re-appearing as a teddy bear at baby VJ's birthday, after going into witness protection.

Most WTF moment: The entire exit of Ryan Kwanten. First Vinnie "died" in a fire, then it was revealed he hadn't - surprise! - he was just in witness protection. Then he re-appeared as said bear, then goes again, and finally years later we find out he died in a farming accident. ANTI CLIMAX.

5. Charlie and Brax

Best Moment: The period where they were conducting a super sexy secret relationship.

Worst moment: Charlie dying and Brax taking on the blame.

Most WTF Moment: When Tegan pretends Brax is the father of her kid.

4. Indi and Romeo

Channel 7

Best Moment: Indi calling Romeo to rescue her after her date with Kieran turned nasty.

Worst Moment: Romeo leaving the Bay with terminal cancer because he doesn't want Indi to watch him die. TEARS.

Most WTF Moment: Ruby faking a pregnancy to Romeo to keep him and Indi apart during a breakup.

3. Sally and Flynn

Channel 7

Best Moment: Holding their newborn baby Pippa, born by surrogate via Leah.

Worst Moment: Flynn dying of terminal skin cancer. Remember his last dance with Sally, dying in her arms? Wow.

Most WTF moment: Flynn changing actors mid-relationship. It never felt normal. Also, OF (Original Flynn) Martin Henderson was BAE.

2. Shane and Angel

Channel 7

Best Moment: Is it even a question? Obviously the wedding, at which a wheelchair-bound Angel miraculously walks down the aisle.

Worst Moment: Shane dying from septicemia after a small cut on his hand is infected - not long after he recovers from leukaemia.

Most WTF moment: Angels friend Shannon trying to steal Shane from her, convincing Angel they had an affair.

1. Hayley and Noah

Channel 7

Best Moment: Noah carrying Hayley into their new house, "The Palace".

Worst Moment: When stalker Sarah shoots Noah. One of the saddest deaths in H&A history.

Most WTF Moment: Noah kissing Skye Patterson at HAYLEYS 18TH BIRTHDAY. Get out, Noah.

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