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Meet Remix: The Most Stylish Pup On Instagram

Let the outfit envy ensue.

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Remix is an adorable one and a half year old miniature schnauzer.

His owner, Jenn, has had him since he was just a pup.

As you can see, he's an extremely stylish little guy.

Jenn was initially inspired to dress Remix after attending a dog festival in Toronto, where she purchased a few pieces that looked cute on him.

Since then, she's gotten even more creative.

Remix has accumulated over 40,000 followers on Instagram, joining the ranks of other canine celebrities!

His clothing comes from a mixture of independent pet stores and children's clothing stores. (Yes, your kid can look this stylish, too!)

Jenn describes Remix as "wacky" and says that he "definitely embodies an old man personality at times." (That explains why he rocks the grandpa look so well!)

"He loves cuddling and meeting new dogs/humans. Some of his favorite activities include trail walks, catch, hide and go seek, capture the sock (he LOVES socks and will dig through our drawers and laundry to hide them.)"

Jenn enjoys experimenting with Remix's outfits; mixing and matching different pieces to achieve a unique look.

Can you tell she has a love for men's fashion?

Jenn and Remix have worked with various charities including WagAware, Toronto Humane Society, and California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue.

After all, there are so many animals that need good homes.

"Having a dog is a pretty big commitment and since getting Remix, he's really changed our lives in a positive way. We just want other pets to be a part of a forever home. There are a lot of dogs our there who need homes and it's always nice to see when a dog has been adopted into an amazing family."

Jenn says that her and Remix make a wacky pair. (Definitely wacky, and wonderful too!)

If you'd like to see more of Remix, check him out on Instagram: @remixthedog
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