24 Dogs Who Are Seriously Judging You

Side-eye game too strong.

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1. "Was that you I saw petting another dog?"

2. "Human, why are you moving? Can't you see I'm comfortable?"

3. "Yes, I'm upset with you. No, I won't tell you why."

4. "Just because you have to get out of bed, doesn't mean I have to."

6. "Get this tiny human away from me."

7. "Think you can get us to do anything but lay here? Try us."

8. "The cat gets all of the attention around here, but that's none of my business."

9. "You better have a damn good reason for interrupting my nap."

10. "I'm just not a morning pup, ok?"

11. "What more would you expect of me on a Monday?"

12. "I'm still mad that you threw away my favorite toy."

13. "You really embarrassed me at the park earlier."

14. "I'll never forgive you for peeing on MY lawn."

15. "Fine, I'll just sleep on the couch tonight."

16. "What do you mean, we're not going to the park?!"

17. "These socks... seriously?"

18. "Do not disturb me, peasant."

19. "Can't you see I'm relaxing, human?"

20. "You may think I'm just kissing you, but I'm actually plotting your demise."

21. "I'm not cute, I'm fierce."

22. "You're boring me, human."

23. "Mind your damn business!"
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