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21 Dogs Who Are More Obsessed With Starbucks Than You

They must take after their owners.

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1. "This is much needed after a long week at the office."

2. "They spelled my name right this time."

3. "Nothing like a warm treat on a chilly day."

4. "I asked for soy, but they gave me whole milk...again."

5. "I'll be honest with you: It's mostly whipped cream."

6. "Sometimes I share with him. Sometimes."

7. "This is literally the only way I'll get out of bed."

8. "Trick or treat? This is most definitely a treat."

9. "I've never really been a morning pup."

10. "Now I get why my human is so obsessed."

11. "This is what a typical morning looks like for me."

12. "My human is good to me."

13. "My barista is so pawsome."

16. "Too much caffeine? No such thing!"

17. "TBH, I really enjoy the condensation more than anything."

19. "Do I look as sophisticated as I feel?"

20. "I think it's safe to say we've all been here..."

21. "Do you think I could have some more?"

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