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20 Dogs Who Are Ready To Weather Any Storm

Because dogs need to go out, rain or shine.

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2. "I'll never understand why my human insists on taking me out in the rain."

3. "Bad weather? Bring it."

5. "Wearing a raincoat and still looking good."

6. "I just remembered that I forgot my rain boots!"

7. "Is this really necessary?"

8. "I think I just saw lightning!"

9. "Oh hey, where'd you guys come from?"

10. "This is so embarrassing."

11. "I refuse to wear this out in public."

12. "Rain makes me nervous."

14. "It's okay, just say it. I look ridiculous right now."

15. "Fine. I'll go outside, but only if you let me bring my toy."

16. "You merely adopted the rain. I was born in it, molded by it."

17. "I don't mind the rain one bit."

18. "Is it time to go inside yet?"

19. "My human seems to think I look cute like this."

20. "How do I look in my new raincoat?"

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