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17 Impatient Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Because patience is a virtue that not everyone has.

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2. "Hey! You can't use me to pick up girls if I'm out here!"

3. "You left me out here with this weirdo?"

4. "Well at least they left me an umbrella."

5. "He must be embarrassed to be seen with me."

6. "Clearly somebody thought they were clever."

7. "I'm not sure how I feel about this whole being left alone thing."

8. "I'm super cute. What if someone steals me? Are you really willing to take that risk?"

9. "Better be bringing me out a pastry at least."

10. "She better hurry up. I really have to pee!"

11. "You're coming back, right!?"

12. "I'm used to being alone in the streets. That's part of the pug life."

13. "He just went to get a slurpee."

14. "I can't believe you left me out here alone with him."

15. "Me and my crew, we run these streets."

16. "That 'no dogs' sign is such BS."

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