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13 Dogs Who Couldn't Be Cuter In Glasses

These dogs are sporting spectacles in all the right ways!

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1. "Wait, do I really have to read all of these?" / Via

3. "Your argument as to why I can't have another treat is invalid."

4. "Everybody come see how good I look!"

5. "I've done my research and I've decided that you can't get a cat."

6. "Aren't they fabulous? They're Tom Fords."

7. "I'm going to need that treat on my desk by 5 sharp."

8. "I wonder what the humans do when they leave for the day..."

9. "Excuse me, but I'm trying to read here."

10. "I long to be at the park with my friends."

11. "Sit down, tell me everything."

12. "I leave for Hogwarts this afternoon!"

13. "Do you think these glasses are too big for my head?"
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