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    10 Ways To Multitask While Breastfeeding

    Aside from sitting, what else can you do while you're nursing or pumping? Well…everything!

    1. Motocross!


    Why not share your love of extreme sports with your little one?

    2. Fix things around the house.


    Don’t wait for your spouse to make time to fix the leaky faucet, your kid’s bike or the lock on the back door.

    3. Work on your tan.

    Via Jaime Reina/Getty Images

    Just be careful about getting weird swimsuit lines.

    4. Take a selfie!


    No fish face required. For either one of you.

    5. Plank!


    Work out your core muscles while feeding your kid. It’s the ultimate in killing two birds with one stone.

    6. Make dinner.


    Yea, this one’s tricky – open flames, hot liquids. But it can be done.

    7. Get your gossip on.


    Catch up on the latest mommy drama, hear about Cousin Sue’s gay son, find out who got drunk at the office party

    8. Check your email.


    Maternity leave, shmaternity leave. Which part of “see you in three months” doesn’t your office understand?

    9. Relax.


    You haven’t had five minutes to yourself in weeks. Kick back with your favorite magazine and hot cup of coffee while the baby is asleep.

    10. Spend quality time with your little one.


    Don’t wait for Junior to take a nap before you pump. These days, it’s easy to enforce tummy time AND store up some milk for later at the same time.