24 Things You Didn’t Know About Shake Shack

Two words: breakfast burgers.

1. The hot dogs came before the burgers.


Shake Shack started in 2001 as a small cart in NYC’s Madison Square Park that sold hot dogs and lemonade. It wasn’t until three years later that the company revamped its concept, added burgers, fries, and custards to the menu — and moved into a permanent space.

2. The original Madison Square Park location now sells about 150 pounds of frozen custard on a good day.

And the menu changes daily.

3. There’s a 24/7 Shack Cam that shows you the length of the MSP line at any given time.

Plan your lunch accordingly.

4. There are about two dozen Shake Shacks in the U.S — spread across New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, D.C., Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

@clyde_with_a_y / Facebook: ShakeShack

By comparison, there are more than 1,000 Five Guys and more than 280 In-N-Outs.

5. The first location in the West will open later this year.

In Las Vegas, of course. Locations are also in the works for Atlanta, Austin, and Chicago.

6. Nearly half of Shake Shack’s locations are now overseas.

At 13, the Middle East has the most — even more than New York.

7. In 2012, Shake Shack catered its first wedding after a Miami groom posted this video to YouTube.

Carolyn Beaudreau / Facebook: ShakeShack

“To have and to hold…” (a Shackburger, obvs.)

8. Each location has a slightly different menu, with concretes — or frozen custards — that play off each city or locale.

Philly’s Rittenhouse concrete is loaded with La Colombe coffee beans. Brooklyn’s LumberShack has bacon peanut brittle from The Redhead. And South Beach’s Key Lime Pie has a slice from The Sugar Monkey.

9. Same goes for the international Shacks.

Alessandra Brian /


London has a brownie-and-brown-sugar-biscuit combo, Dubai has honey-almond cake, and Istanbul has a baklava creation.

10. But some combos totally missed the mark.

Raspberry jalapeño didn’t quite work. Neither did heirloom tomato.

11. Shake Shack has been slammed for its frozen, crinkle-cut fries.

In a 2012 review for the New York Times, restaurant critic Pete Wells said: “You can get better fries just about anywhere … Can’t one of his chefs show [Meyer] how to make a decent French fry?”

12. In response, some locations switched over to a hand-cut version.



— Alyssa. (@alyssaxnoelle)

The greatest tragedy of the last few years was when Shake Shack changed their fries.

— Megan Kelly (@mmegankelly)

I hate your new fries @shakeshack Thanks for giving me a reason to diet

— nicole_marie79 (@nicole_marie79)

14. The Shake Shack at JFK airport serves breakfast sandwiches — like the sausage, egg, and cheese.

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Shake Shack

Sadly, it’s the only location that does this.

15. On the list of things Shake Shack says it will never do? A drive-thru.

16. It has a small secret menu.

Arthur Bovino /


It apparently includes grilled cheese, a Shack-ago burger with sweet relish, “Chili” cheese fries, and a peanut butter-bacon burger. (Fair warning that you may have to assemble some of these yourselves.) You can also request a side of pickles or shack sauce.

17. You can order a Quad.

Arthur Bovino /

Four patties, four slices of cheese. WUT.

18. Shake Shack struggled to find a vegetarian menu option.

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“It’s only going to go on the menu if you would crave it even if you were not a vegetarian.” Meyer has said. The non-meat item they eventually agreed on? The ‘Shroom Burger — a fried portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese.

19. Tina Fey has said her perfect day ends with Shake Shack.

20. Cooks use paint scrapers to get the burgers off the griddle. And burgers are cooked medium — unless you specify otherwise.

21. Shake Shack uses a smash technique to cook its patties: Thick pucks of beef are flattened onto the griddle, then flipped.

The trick is quickly smashing the patty once, then not touching it again until you’re ready to flip. Watch here.

22. Working there has its perks.

New York staffers are paid $10 per hour, more than $2 above the minimum wage paid to employees at similar fast food places. Workers can also qualify for a monthly bonus: up to 1% of the company’s overall revenue from their specific location.

23. Shack Swag exists.

@kenjilopezalt / / Facebook: ShakeShack


@murphyownsus / Facebook: ShakeShack


24. But unfortunately, this does not.

Anyone know if Shake Shack makes the "If Crying Insert Burger" onesie in adult sizes?

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)

(Sorry, Aziz!)

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