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    7 Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

    All doable, all delicious.

    1. Add lentils to spaghetti sauce for extra fiber and protein.

    Here's a vegetarian version — but you could easily do this with a meat-based sauce, too.

    2. Pick one night this week to prep an easy, make-ahead salad for the next day's lunch.

    3. Switch up your hummus game by DIY'ing these versions that are equal parts delicious, colorful, and good for you:

    This hummus trio blends protein-packed chickpeas with spicy roasted carrots; fresh green herbs and garlic; and lemony beets.

    More: This Rainbow-Inspired Hummus Is Almost Too Gorgeous To Eat

    4. Fire up your slow cooker and try one of these better-for-you ideas for dinner:

    5. Freeze leftover Greek yogurt or pureed greens into ice cube trays for ready-to-use boosters that you can pop into smoothies.

    Cheers to smoothies that basically make themselves. More on yogurt bites here, and freezing greens here.

    6. Curb cravings by snacking on foods high in healthy fats — like toast with peanut butter or avocado.

    7. For a seasonal, oven-baked sweet treat, stuff pears with pecans + cinnamon, then drizzle with honey.