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16 Food Storage Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Stretching Your Groceries As Long As Possible

These are especially important right now.

1. Store lemons in the fridge, not on countertops.

2. Take cheese out of the plastic wrap it came in.

3. Store refrigerated greens with a paper towel.

4. Freeze about-to-wilt herbs in olive oil.

5. Or freeze the leftovers from a half-empty box of broth or stock.

6. Puree any past-their-prime greens (like kale or spinach) then freeze them into smoothie boosters.

7. Stash berries in one of these magical produce savers.

8. Store natural nut butters upside down to prevent separation.

9. Learn the zones of your fridge — then use and organize them correctly.

10. And double check the temperature.

11. Freeze leftover tomato paste in scoops.

12. Don't leave canned food leftovers in the can.

13. Store herbs upright in fresh water.

14. Freeze meat if you're not eating it right away.

15. Don't wash produce until it's time to eat it.

16. And lastly, freeze lime juice into ready-made margarita starters. 😎