Here’s What A Half Century Of Love Really Looks Like

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. These Up-inspired adventurers:

Cambria Grace Photography /

Celebrating: 61 years of marriage.

See more photos from this couple’s anniversary shoot here.

2. These long-time loves:

Peter & Shayna /

Celebrating: 61 years.

3. And these:

Love, The Nelsons Photography /

Celebrating: 63 years.

4. This rosy pair:

Two Twenty Photos /


Celebrating: 60 years.

See more photos from the Cisneros’ shoot here.

5. This coordinated couple:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation /

6. These lasting partners:

Jose Villa /

7. And these:

Two Twenty Photos /

8. This wise duo:

Jesse Holland /


Celebrating: 55 years.

9. And this one:

Amy Clifton Keely Photography /

Celebrating: 50 years.

See more photos here.

10. This adorable pair:


Celebrating: 68 years.

More photos from this shoot here.

11. This cozy couple:

Celebrating: 65 years.

See more photos here.

12. These sweet soulmates:

Jennifer Urbin Photography /

13. This ranch-ready twosome:

Celebrating: 55 years.

See more photos here.

14. This loving pair:

Rachel Rose Photography /

Celebrating: 50 years.

15. This life-long team:

Jessica Bowers Photography /


Celebrating: 57 years.

See more photos from their shoot here.

16. And this one:

Kate Ignatowski /

Celebrating: 66 years.

17. And this one:

Studio Noveau /

18. This centenarian couple (he’s 101, she’s 103!):

Rex Features / via

Celebrating: 88 years.

19. This dapper duo:

Cliff Mautner Photography /

Celebrating: 69 years.

20. And this pair who paid tribute to their first date:

Katy Hall Photography /

Celebrating: 63 years.

Their first date was at the (now 100-year-old) Cozy Theater, pictured on the wine bottle.

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