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17 Kitchen Cheat Sheets You Should Know About

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1. For making super-easy marinades:

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Find this and tons of other simple marinade ideas here.

2. For when you can't remember baking conversions:

3. Or slow cooker ones:

From here, and find more slow cooker hacks here.

4. For getting perfect grains every time:

5. For cookies that would make Martha proud:

6. For storing anything and everything:

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More on exactly how (and where) to store fruit, veggies, meat, and dairy here.

7. For when you need a healthy last-minute dinner:

8. For perfect pairings:

9. For when you're out of an ingredient:

10. For the ideal cup of tea:

11. Or cup of joe:

12. For going green:

13. Or spicing things up:

14. For textbook eggs:

15. For knowing your cuts like a pro:

16. For healthier swaps every cook should know:

Find this and lots of other healthy ingredient swaps here.

17. And for when you need a sweet treat ASAP:

Lindsay Hunt /

Find this and other three-ingredient dessert ideas here.