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19 Truths If Iced Coffee Is Your Reason For Being

For the record: Every season is iced coffee season.

There are two types of people in the world.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

People who know that iced coffee is FAR SUPERIOR to hot coffee...

And people who are wrong.


Don't be this guy.

For those of us in the former camp (🙋), you know the cold stuff rules.

Nothing can stop you from your favorite cup.

You've conquered the ~frozen hands~ dilemma that can come with ordering iced coffee in the winter:

(Nothing that one of these can't solve, TBH.)

You've powered through the wrong straw–cup ratio when resources were scarce:

And you've dismissed the JuDgEmEnT of your hot coffee–lovin' friends.

You also have a very strong option on the correct amount of ice.

Too little and you're basically drinking ~slightly chilled but not really~ coffee.

Twitter: @TheLoganLevitt

Not acceptable.

Too much and it's a watery mess.

Instagram: @vibe_coffee

Also not acceptable.

Because of this, you might even have your own supply of Personal Ice® for times of crisis:

Twitter: @susankitchens

Preparedness is key.

You've taken a side in the battle of iced coffee vs. cold brew.

And when you (eventually) win the lotto, the first thing you'll do is get a coffee tap installed directly into your kitchen.

Laura Metzler /


So cheers to the drink that rules us and fuels us.

Laura Metzler /

We'll continue to raise our glasses YEAR ROUND. 😎