16 Legitimately Useful Tips For Anyone Trying To Eat Less Meat

    Small — but effective — tips, tricks, and habits.

    Love meat — but looking to eat less of it? 🍽

    Maybe you want to cut back on spending — and meat is the most expensive thing on your grocery bill. Maybe you're worried about its environmental impact. Or maybe you just want to cook more of everything in 2023, and that includes (really good) vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options.

    Whatever your reason is, we're into it! There are easy, everyday ways to eat less meat — and they don't always have to include giving it up entirely. Here are some to get you started.

    1. If you're used to having meat at almost every meal, start by cutting it out of just one: breakfast.

    Tacos in a baking dish

    2. Devote at least one dinner a week to beans.

    Beans stewing in a pot

    3. Only eat meat on certain days of the week.

    A calendar with recipes for each day

    4. If you're cutting back little by little, consider ditching red meat first.

    Mushroom pasta in a bowl

    5. To easily boost protein at any meal, memorize super-charged toppings — like chia seeds or edamame — then put them on everything.

    6. If you're making a big dietary change, make sure you're still getting the nutrients you need.

    A salad topped with lentils, nuts, and cheese in a bowl

    7. Pair up with a friend or family member.

    A daughter texting her mom about an exciting new recipe

    8. When making a recipe with ground meat, swap half of it for mushrooms or lentils.

    9. Remember that you don't have to cook everything from scratch.

    10. Adjust your plate proportions — and let meat take a co-starring role.

    11. Take a second to figure out which meat-free substitute you're most likely to enjoy...

    Several meat substitutes displayed on a kitchen counter

    12. Then actually start cooking with it!

    13. Bookmark these easy meat-free dinners — and let an appliance do all the hard work for you.

    Two bowls of vegetarian entrees

    14. Be realistic about what you *wont* give up.

    A tray of In 'n' Out burger

    What are your best tips or tricks for eating less meat? Share in the comments!