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7 Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

It's easier (and tastier) than you think.

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2. Stock your grocery cart with seasonal fruits and veggies.

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Summer produce = the best kind of produce. Learn what's in season right now — like berries, tomatoes, and peaches — then feast away. They're widely available, good for you, and cheaper now than in the off-season.

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3. For a perfect sweet-salty-spicy snack, sprinkle those fruits and veggies with a bit of chile-lime seasoning.

This recipe also adds a splash of tequila to make the snack extra ~festive~ — but even without the booze, it's crave-worthy.

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5. The same goes for good-for-you grains: bulk prep a batch of them early in the week, then mix and match as needed.

Like brown rice, white beans, farro, or quinoa. Any and all can be stored and used throughout the week as bases or sides — and if you make it ahead of time, that's one less thing to cook during the busy workweek.

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7. Craving a sweet treat? Try this simple 3-ingredient banana-chocolate ice cream.

It's as easy as it gets: just frozen bananas + cocoa + cinnamon. (Plus any other mix-ins you'd like: like strawberries or peanut butter.) Find this recipe — along with 9 other no-added-sugar snack ideas — here.

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