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18 Ways To Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Face

Or: How to survive ~the awkward stages~ of growing them out.


1. Sweep bangs to the side with an easy twist + two tucked-away bobby pins:

Pin placement is key here, so that longer sections of hair can overlap shorter ones. Video here.

2. Try a simple waterfall braid and pin at the crown.

If you can do a twist — or overlap two sections of hair — you can do a waterfall braid. Tutorial here.

3. Or switch to a twist and pin farther back.

Find this tutorial and others at Elle.

4. You can also braid your crown straight back.

5. Or pull forward and tuck behind your ear.

6. Short locks all around? Blow-dry straight, sweep to the side, then lock strands in place with a headband.

Whether it's fancy and ~bejeweled~ — or no-fuss elastic. Full tutorial at Cosmo.

7. For longer hair, use an elastic headband to twist and tuck.

Tutorial here.

8. For days when you ~literally cannot~, cover them up completely.

Find this printed scarf here.

9. If your bangs are shorter, sweep a longer section of hair over them. Then tuck and secure with bobby pins or clips.

How-to here.

10. Tease your bangs slightly, then push them back toward your crown.

#Pompadour2015. More here.

11. Or try it with a smaller section of hair: / via Pinterest

12. You can also use that same base and add a quick chignon.

Or ponytail. More here.

13. Natural hair? Here's an easy four-step option.

Sweep 'em over, roll 'em up. More ideas here.

14. Pair a center part with two twists.

Find this and several other styles here.

15. And add loose waves for texture.

All the better to hide those pins. Tutorial here.

16. Or, for a vintage-inspired look, switch to a side part and coil each section around your index finger.

Then secure. Tutorial here.

17. Stick-straight hair? Slick it back.

Pin behind your ears so the rest of your hair can fall over (and hide) them. How-to here.

18. Slicked-back bangs can also double as the base of a tiered ponytail.

AKA the best way to keep your hair out of your face at the gym. More here.

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