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20 Little Food And Drink Hacks You Should Know By Now

These will make quarantine a bit easier. (And tastier!)

1. Freeze lime juice into ice cube trays to make ready-made margarita starters.

2. Or, if you're REALLY ambitious, make bulk-batch margs like these. 👀

3. And when juicing those limes, remember to cut the bottom off, then put it in facing up.

4. Making sourdough bread? Use the discard to make pancakes.

5. Keep a dry-erase inventory on the fridge door (or on a whiteboard attached to it) so you know what food you have at a glance.

6. Don't have a whiteboard? DIY one with an empty picture frame — or a laminate sheet — with a blank piece of paper inside.

7. Among the things you can cook in a waffle iron: bacon, tater tots, hash browns, and cookie dough.

8. Upgrade Top Ramen noodles by switching up the back-of-package instructions.

9. Or add bacon + Parmesan + an egg for a meal that's ~lazy yet luxurious~. 😋

10. Puree any past-their-prime greens — then freeze them into smoothie boosters.

11. And know that these XL cubes exist — perfect for freezing leftover soups, sauces, or broth.

12. PSA: Parmesan cheese lids fit perfectly over Mason jars.

13. When chocolate cake or brownie batter calls for water, swap in brewed coffee instead.

14. Use an upside-down dish rack to keep Tupperwares from flipping around in the dishwasher.

15. Oreo packaging can double as a milk-dunking station.

16. Or, for a low-key brilliant snack, dip Oreos in milk until they're soft — then freeze them.

17. Add soy sauce to popcorn butter to make it taste even better.

18. And with boxed mac 'n' cheese, add a scoop of sour cream instead of milk.

19. Baking a ton? Spray cookware over an open dishwasher door to avoid a mess.

20. And lastly, memorize these brilliant booze combos that only need two or three ingredients.

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