19 Creamy And Delicious Smoothies To Make This Fall

    Nutella, pumpkin, chai... I could go on.

    1. Pumpkin & Apple Breakfast Smoothie

    2. Healthier Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

    3. Cranberry & Orange Smoothie

    4. Rich Berry and Apple Cider Smoothie

    5. Almond Joy-Inspired Smoothie

    AKA: All of my favorite things put into a blender. Get the recipe.

    6. Fall Greens Smoothie

    7. Warm Ginger Pear Smoothie

    8. Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

    9. Anti-Inflammatory Blueberry Smoothie

    10. Apple, Carrot, and Plum Smoothie

    11. Protein Pumpkin Smoothie

    Sorry. I got distracted thinking about how the granola topping was going to soak up all of the pumpkin, and now I just want a giant jar of THAT. Get the recipe.

    12. Gingersnap Smoothie

    Salt rims are so last season, you guys. Get the recipe.

    13. Apple, Date, and Banana Smoothie

    14. Vegan Vanilla Chai Smoothie

    15. Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie

    16. Banana Nutella Smoothie

    17. Booster Smoothie with Cranberry, Kale, and Orange

    18. Caramelized Pear, Goat Cheese, and Chocolate Smoothie

    19. Spiked Coffee and Marshmallow Smoothie